Butterfly Nightlight

This butterfly-shaped electronic nightlight will add color and motion to your bedroom, bathroom, or really any room in your home! Random colors slowly radiate outward across the 18 LEDs. A control on the back allows you to adjust the brightness, so you can have it bright, dim, or anywhere in between.

The nightlight plugs into a USB power adapter (a standard phone charger), which then plugs into the wall. For your convenience, the nightlight may be purchased with a North American power adapter, or without a power adapter. If you live outside North America, buy the version without the power adapter, and then supply your own USB power adapter for your country.

Each nightlight is hand-soldered right here in Ventura, California.

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Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly


The nightlight is 3.67 × 2.58 inches (94 × 66mm). The depth is about 2 inches (or about 50 mm) when attached to the North American power adapter, but excluding the prongs on the adapter. (In other words, the nightlight sticks out from the wall about 2 inches.)

The nightlight weighs 0.7 ounces (20 grams) and the North American power adapter weighs 0.9 ounces (24 grams), so together they weigh 1.6 ounces (44 grams).

The nightlight runs on 5 volts (the standard USB voltage). At maximum brightness, it draws up to 600 milliamps. At half brightness, it draws about 120 milliamps. At minimum brightness, it draws about 50 milliamps. The North American power adapter is capable of supplying 1 Amp (1000 milliamps) at 5 volts.

Open Source

OSHW and GPLv3 logos

Open-source hardware CC-BY-SA GPLv3

Both the hardware and the firmware for the butterfly nightlight are open source. If you know how to use Arduino, and you have a Tiny AVR programmer or other AVR programmer, you can reprogram the ATtiny85 microcontroller in the center of the butterfly to control the LEDs however you want! (The ATtiny85 is socketed, so it can be removed and placed in the Tiny AVR programmer.)

About AbsMaxRat Electronics

AbsMaxRat Electronics is a very, very small business founded by Patrick Pelletier on Valentine’s Day 2018 in Ventura, California.

The name AbsMaxRat is an electronics in-joke: “Absolute Maximum Ratings” is a common section in electronics datasheets.

The AbsMaxRat mascot is “Max the Rat.” He comes from public domain clip art by openclipart.org user nicubunu.